Your personal foot care plan

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Congratulations on taking the steps necessary to monitor your foot health and care for your feet!  Keeping your feet healthy will require your daily attention, and we would like you to be as successful as possible in your efforts.  Please use one or more of the tools below to guide you in your foot care.

These forms are meant to be used as tools only and are not meant to be used for any diagnostic or therapeutic decisions. Specific medical concerns should be directly handled by a qualified healthcare professional.

Steps for Healthy Feet Checklist

I will take care of my feet! I will make the changes needed to keep my feet healthy.

I will:

Control my blood glucose levels
Have a healthcare professional trim my toenails and care for the skin on my feet if I cannot reach or feel my feet
Have my shoes professionally fitted
Quit smoking
Begin exercising regularly as directed by my healthcare professional
Wash my feet daily and dry them well
Shake out my shoes before putting them on
Wear shoes at all times, indoors and out
Buy shoes with closed toes as they protect feet from injury
Buy shoes late in the day as feet tend to swell
Change my socks everyday

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